What to do when you don’t feel good enough

Ever looked at what other people in your industry are doing and begin to feel pangs of insecurity?

You begin to doubt your knowledge and experience. You don’t feel good enough? And, how can you possibly compete with what everyone else is doing?

We ALL have. At one time or another.

Which is the reason why it’s a topic that’s frequently discussed on all of my podcasts.

But here’s the thing.

It’s total BS.

Because we DON’T need to measure ourselves against what anyone else is doing.

What we SHOULD be doing is getting so clear on OUR gifts, OUR strengths, OUR talents, OUR characteristics, OUR message, OUR purpose, OUR calling, and bringing this to life.

Because THAT is going to speak directly to the clients you are here to serve and support.

When you do there’s a level of inner confidence (NOT arrogance) that shines through. That’s your Inner Brilliance radiating across everything you do. And, it’s the reason that’ll attract and engage YOUR ideal client.

So, as a passionate, driven Change Maker, never EVER be concerned with what anyone else is doing.

Instead, get clear on who YOU are and the incredible value YOU bring.

And focus on THAT.

Because THAT is the message and promise you bring to the world.

Now go do! AND BE! Yes?!

#BEtheDifference #ChangeMakers

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