Annemarie Cross’s desire is to:
Engage, Educate AND Empower her audience…

Need an engaging and inspiring speaker to empower your audience into taking action so you can stand up and stand out in a compelling, authentic and powerful way?

Annemarie can speak on a range of business-related topics and keynotes, which can be fine tuned to suit your audience. Her most popular topics include:

  • The Corporate Podcast: Addressing the Challenge of Maintaining Customer Attention, Engagement & Retention for Businesses in a Noisy & Disruptive Marketplace
  • Podcasting With Purpose: How to Build Engagement, Leads AND Enquiries with a Podcast Series Strategy 
  • How to Build Influence & Reach – GLOBALLY with Your Own Podcast for Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs
  • Speaking To Grow Your Business: 5 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Speaking & How to Avoid Them! 
  • Building a Powerful Personal Brand to Get You Noticed, Hired & Paid What You’re Worth!

“One of the most engaging speakers I’ve had the pleasure of hosting on my events…”

Katherine DalPra

Annemarie is one of the most engaging speakers I’ve had the pleasure of hosting on my events.Not only does she have a naturally soothing voice and demeanor, she really seems to understand the genuine struggles of a typical small business owner. She’s one of those presenters you simply can’t help but fall in love with.

Her talks are packed full with useful, immediately actionable information and she knows how to deliver it in a way that any entrepreneur can absorb. Her anecdotes and examples are spot-on, making it easy for listeners to see themselves in her stories.In addition to being an excellent trainer, Annemarie is also an organized, punctual partner. She is prepared and submits information in a timely manner, making my job as a coordinator much easier. Annemarie is an absolute joy to work with and I can’t wait to have her as a speaker again in one of my future events.

Katherine DalPra, Traffic Explosion Telesummit

Topics that Annemarie has spoken about, includes:

For Women Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners:

  • How to Develop a Profitable Business Model that Works For Your Solo Business
  • Social Media Marketing on a Shoestring: Low-Cost and No-Cost Tools & Strategies to Build Your Online Profile, Your Network AND Your Sales
  • Building a Powerful Signature Brand to Get You Noticed, Hired & Paid What You’re Worth, INSTANTLY!
  • Identifying and Defining Your Niche to Explode Your Income
  • Money Mindset Breakthroughs: Breaking unhelpful money habits so you can charge what you’re worth and GET IT!
  • Time Management: Simple Steps to Gain Five Hours in Your Week
  • Get Noticed, Hired & Paid What You’re Worth: How to Build a Strong Personal Brand with Social Media

For Companies and their most important asset – their staff:

  • How to Stand Up and Stand Out in the Workplace with Personal Branding
  • From fearful to fearless (and fantastic): 4 key steps to blitz through your next interview
  • Influential Communications: How to build influential relationships – INSTANTANEOUSLY!
  • From Stressed Out to Stress Free; Reclaiming Life & Career Balance
  • Boost Your Corporate Brand by developing & maintaining passionate and top-performing staff
  • Powerful Personally-Branded Resumes: 6 writing strategies to secure that interview!
  • Returning to Work with Confidence: 4 steps to accelerate your level of success in the job market

“Annemarie is a woman with fire in her bones…”

Some people just stand out from the crowd and Annemarie Cross is one of such people.

I say, she is a woman with fire in her bones, powerful, captivating and empowering. You don’t want her to stop when she starts, the quality of information she delivers is just unbelievable.

Annemarie spoke at my Telesummit and all I could think of is, ‘What would she be like if it were a live event?’ Wow!  I would not hesitate to bring her back on my stage.

I just want to say, Thank you Annemarie for being a part of Woman Unleash Your Potential Summit.

Placida Acheru, Women Unleash Your Potential Summit


“You have made an enormous difference to many people…”

You have made an enormous difference to many people in the Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres across Victoria.

Well done and thank you sincerely for your involvement as a Keynote Speaker in this year’s Brainfood Conference.

Your evaluations were outstanding and you have certainly converted a lot of people to have a go with technology and social media.

I have even been asked to bring you back to Brainfood next year! Again – thank you.

Kay Vrieze, Brainfood Event Organiser, Neighbourhood Houses & Learning Centres – Victoria


Speaking engagements to date include:

Solopreneur & Small Business Telesummits/Workshops:

  • Women of Power Telesummit [Opening Keynote Speaker]
  • Women Unleash Your Potential Telesummit
  • Startup Small. Dream Big. Grow Fast. Telesummit [Coming up]
  • Online International Virtual Assistants Convention (OIVAC)
  • Alliance 4 Virtual Assistants  (A4VA)
  • The World Needs Your Business Telesummit
  • Santa Coach Event Telesummit
  • TBP Women’s Networking Alliance
  • Traffic Explosion Telesummit
  • Women Making it Work Annual Business Conference
  • Australian VA Conference (AVAC)


  • CPA Australia (Young Professionals) Melbourne
  • CPA Australia (Young Professionals) Sydney
  • CPA Australia (Young Professionals) Perth
  • CPA Australia (Young Professionals) Brisbane
  • CPA Australia (Young Professionals) South Australia
  • CPA Australia (Young Professionals) Canberra
  • Melbourne Romance Writers’ Guild
  • Cardinia Shire Council
  • Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centers – Brainfood Annual Conference
  • City of Frankston – Business Training Seminars
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Link Employment & Training – Dandenong
  • Herald Sun Baby Boomers Expo – CBD
  • Herald Sun Career Expo – CBD
  • Go Country Expo – Pakenham
  • Career Directors International – USA
  • Narre Warren Community Learning Centre
  • Women Making it Work (WMIW) – City of Casey / Cardinia Shire
  • Women Making it Work (WMIW) Annual Conference 2011
  • South Eastern Business Network (SEBN) – Dandenong
  • Forty Plus Group – Camberwell
  • Job Find – Dandenong
  • Job Wise, Box Hill TAFE – Box Hill
  • Business Owners Sucess Strategies (BOSS program) – City of Casey / Cardinia Shire
  • BNI Master Success Program – South East
  • Reinvent Your Career
  • My Groovy Career

“I was blown away by the amount of information shared…”

Annemarie was a speaker on our ‘Startup Small, Dream Big, Grow Fast’ Telesummit for women entrepreneurs.  I was blown away by the amount of information that was shared.

I don’t know about the listeners, but I was furiously scribbling down notes as she was talking.

Annemarie has a nature and voice that makes you feel at home and comfortable with her straight away.

You can tell her business knowledge comes from years of practice and reflection which she shares openly in a way that both the novice and seasoned business owner can benefit from listening to.

Stacey Myers, Startup Small, Dream Big, Grow Fast Telesummit 


What are other people saying about Annemarie?

Summary feedback from Social Media Workshop Attendees:

“…Annemarie was a very personable presenter.” –D. Peck

“…Extremely interesting topic and I will definitely apply some of the ideas, suggestions” — H. Porall

“…Very informative. Now I need to get it all to work for my business!” –Bryan

“…Annemarie was very informative, enthusiastic and organised.” –W. Blake

“…Annemarie KNEW HER TOPIC!! She was able to put it into understandable phrases.” –K. Blake

“…Annemarie was concise and clear.” — Richard C.

“…Annemarie was an excellent speaker, and the material was fascinating.” –Ian F.

“…Annemarie was vibrant and communicated well. The Social Media topic is exciting and the potential in marketing is fascinating!” –E. Fraser.

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