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Get Paid What You’re Worth Homestudy

book-cd-4001-300x225Are you ready to take charge of your business, your life AND your future?  I’d love to help you!

Learn my simple step-by-step systems that will enable you to instantly boost your credibility; confidently raise your fees; create multiple streams of income; work less and earn more; while break through unhelpful money beliefs, habits and actions to finally dissolve the hidden barriers to achieve your true wealth!

  • Niching Discovery Secrets: Being known as the “Jack of all trades and a Master of None” by offering a diverse range of services to anyone and everyone AND trying market your service to everyone is NOT the way to build a successful business;
  • Branding: Build Your Authentic Personal Brand – Consistently capture that powerful message across all of your brand touch points to ‘wow’ your prospects and clients;
  • Lucrative Business Model: Profit-Building Packages & Programs – boost your income by being able to take what you do from a one-to-one to a one-to-many model, while have passive income coming into your business through developing products;
  • Features & Benefits: How One of These Can Practically Sell Your Services for You;
  • Powerful Introductions to Make You Irresistible;
  • And MORE…

Find out more about more about my Get Paid What You’re Worth Homestudy Program HERE


Practical Pricing Strategies to Make Selling Easy

GetPaidPPS-300x225If you’re tired of giving your services away for free OR you’re no longer willing to discount or undercharge for the amazing services you offer, then my “Get Paid What You’re Worth: Practical Pricing Strategies to Make Selling Easy! for Heart-Centred Solopreneurs” Program is for you!


  • Pricing Perils: 4 Key Warning Signs & Why They Happen: Learn the four most common ways solopreneurs keep themselves stuck from selling their products/services and getting paid what they’re worth, so you can avoid them
  • Your Money Mindset: Five common money stories (beliefs) that can cripple your income potential;
  • Five practice pricing strategies to make selling easy: one strategy that will help you stop stumbling through your sales conversation so you can state your fees with confidence, ease and grace,
  • And MUCH more…

Find out more about my Practical Pricing Strategies to Make Selling Easy Program HERE


Breakthrough Your Money Drama’s

img-1Do you lay awake at night worrying about money? Or, wonder what’s stopping you from making more money – despite all of your hard work?

Perhaps you find yourself repeating the same money challenges your parents did? However, no matter how hard you try – you just can’t free yourself from the feast and famine cycles!

You can! With the lessons I share in my Breakthrough Your Money Drama’s 60-Days eCourse.

The 8 Money Mindset Makeover Lessons include:

  • Week 1: Clear Your Money Clutter
  • Week 2: Scarcity or Abundance: You Manifest What You Focus On
  • Week 3: Your Self-Worth Account: Are You Depositing or Withdrawing?
  • Week 4: Common Money Stories & Beliefs Keeping You Stuck
  • Week 5: Forgiveness: A Key Step Towards Financial Freedom
  • Week 6: Build Your Self-Value & Self-Worth To Charge What You’re Worth
  • Week 7: Boost Your Self-Confidence AND Your Net-Worth
  • Week 8: Claim Back Your Power With Money

Learn more about the Breakthrough Your Money Drama’s 60-Day eCourse HERE


Signature Talk Profit Secrets Independent Pathway

Want to share your core message and expertise with a much larger audience who from the very first time they hear your talk – they love you, your message and the work you do?

Do you want to consistently attract a steady stream of ideal clients who are ready to work with you – each time you speak?

Want to boost your subscribers, leads and client numbers with a proven system that is easy to implement and one that you can use over and over again – with great results?

My Signature Talk Profit Secrets Program will show you how – step-by-step.

Find out more about my Signature Talk Profit Secrets Program – Independent Pathway HERE

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