Disruptors & Game Changers: Write Your OWN Rules!

I’ve come to realise something.

Everything we’ve been taught to position our businesses ahead of the competition, it just won’t have or make the impact we seek. Anymore.

We’ve been told:

  • “You need to outshine your competition.”
  • “You need to dominate your industry.”
  • “You need to crush your competition.”
  • “You need to [fill in the gap].”

We’ve been taught:

  • Offer better packages, programs and products.
  • Extend better discounts and pricing options.
  • Be louder, faster, leaner.
  • Be [you fill in the gap].

We’ve been told to look at what our competitors are doing and offer something bigger and better.

So, that’s what we did.

And, sadly, it’s something we’re STILL trying to do.

  • Better advertisements by being bolder, louder, more daring.
  • Better written content by hiring copywriters and publishing more frequently.
  • Better videos with impressive sets and videographers.
  • Better images by hiring stylists, photographers, and professional models.
  • Better podcasts by investing in the top model and make of microphone, sound effects.
  • Better [you fill in the gap].

But, here’s the thing – the market has changed. Consumer demands and expectations have changed.

And, if we follow an outdated approach of using our competitors as the baseline and the guiding factor in our decisions so we can outshine and outlast them – we’ve already lost.

So, as a Disruptor, Game Changer and Innovator – what should you do?

>> BE the Difference:


In your attitude. In your approach.

Create that unique, undeniable and distinguishable experience that only YOU can deliver.

Because when you do – while you may offer similar products and services as your competitors – your ideal client chooses YOU.

Because you’re MAKING a difference. A REAL difference. To them.

>> Write Your OWN Rules:

Ignore outdated rules in a game you’ll never win.

Write your own.

Challenge the status quo. Ask the questions no-one else is asking.

Speak up. Speak out.

In a way that inspires, empowers and brings out the best in people – YOUR ideal client.

They will listen.

>> BE the BETTER Version of YOU:

Don’t try to outshine, outplay, outdo your competition by trying to better, bigger, louder, leaner than they are.

Don’t measure your success on what your competitors are doing.

It’s a game you’ll never win. It’ll keep you stuck.

Aim to be the best version of you.


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