Interview Coaching

Are you interviewing for your dream job and wish you could:

  • Get rid of the nerves that are stopping you from confidently showcasing your value and experience to a potential employer?
  • Master behavioural interview techniques so you can provide relevant success stories that ticks all of the ‘competency’ requirements?
  • Confidently negotiate a salary package that pays you what you are worth?

Like hundreds of Annemarie’s clients – YOU CAN!

Over the last two decades Annemarie has coached hundreds of clients (in her own Consultancy and for other Career Professionals as their in-house Interview Coach); has been flown across the country to speak on Interviewing Techniques for CPA Australia; and is the author of “10 key steps to Ace That Interview”.






Topics that Annemarie specialises in:

  • Identifying and developing strategies to eliminate self-sabotaging tendencies. Conceptualise yourself to success!
  • Analysing the various types of interviews, and how to optimise your performance during each of these.
  • Overcoming obstacles, barriers and adversity; transforming negatives into positives.
  • Responding to difficult questions; scripting appropriate responses.
  • Understanding vital stages through the interview process and how to maximise your performance during each of these stages: Preparation; Arrival; Introduction; Rapport Building; Closing; Follow- up.
  • Coaching your referees in order to enhance and optimise their communication during the reference checking process.
  • Behavioural Interviewing vs. Traditional Interviewing – this is becoming an extremely common method of interviewing prospective candidates. Identify what behavioural interviewing is, and learn cutting-edge methods on how to approach and strategically answer behavioural questioning.
  • How to develop your dynamic, self-promoting, 30-second elevator-marketing tool.
  • How to negotiate and maximise your salary/remuneration package.
  • Identify your interviewer’s communicating style through their behaviour and mannerisms; learn how to adapt your style to correspond with theirs and find out why this is crucial.
  • And/or any topic or concern you have around interviewing.


Here’s what’s included in your Interview Coaching Success Program:

  • ’10 key steps to Ace That Interview’ e-Book;
  • ’10 key steps to Ace That Interview’ e-Workbook;
  • Personalised, one-to-one power coaching with Annemarie on any of the above-mentioned topics to help you Ace that Interview! [60 minutes];
  • Mock Interview and Feedback coaching session with Annemarie [30 minutes].


Annemarie holds these sessions via Skype/phone. [If you are located in South East Melbourne, you are welcome to come down to Annemarie’s office in Narre Warren.]

Are You Ready?

YES: I’m ready to boost my confidence and interview performance with Annemarie’s help!

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