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cover_image_200Do you ever “trip over your own tongue”, become “tongue-tied”, or feel you’re just not delivering your best performance during a job interview?

Imagine…if you could instantly:

  • Conquer the top 10 mistakes that 9 out of 10 people unknowingly stumble on;
  • Answer each question easily and effortlessly; and
  • Maintain a high standard of professionalism throughout the interview to secure that edge over your competitors;

What would that mean to you?

Here’s a quick quiz that could make a dramatic impact on how successful your next interview will be.

The Quiz

From the desk oAnnemarie Cross

Dear Job Seeker,

I am continually saddened when I hear countless stories of highly-skilled and well-qualified candidates still experiencing interview setback and elimination even when they are the most qualified and best-suited person for the role.

Are you one of the thousands who experience interview knock backs and struggle with ‘why’ you fail to reach second interview stage, and eventual job offer?

Hi, my name is Annemarie Cross, and as a Certified Employment Interview Professional & Career Coach I have worked with hundreds of clients over the last 17 years supporting them in overcoming the 10 common pitfalls that cause so many candidates to fail during the interview process.

The complex dynamics of employment interviewing are ever-changing with each position we apply for; each company we approach; and with each interviewer, who bring their own communication styles, mannerisms, and beliefs to the meeting. All of these situations can affect the rapport-building process, relevant material to discuss, and the flow and understanding of information between you and the interviewer. 

Imagine if you could strengthen and enhance, or revolutionise your interview techniques, enabling you to deliver a dynamic and unforgettable performance.


 Harness the techniques in 10 key steps Ace that Interview! to:

Elevate your confidence and self esteem to enable you to strategically market your skills, experience and overall value specific to organisational needs:

Page 33

Negativities impact on performance and how to overcome this

Page 34

Effective insights into the impact of communication

Page 35

Powerful psychological, environmental, and physical interview stress reduction techniques

Optimise your performance through all types of interviews:

Page 38

Blitz through the stress interview

Page 40

Keep your cool through a panel interview

Page 41

Stand out within a group interview

Page 42

Don’t be screened out during a telephone interview

Page 44

Defeat the dreaded dining interview


Master behavioural interviewing techniques to allow you to breeze through this most dreaded interview:

Page 47

Recognise distinguishable features between behavioural and traditional interviews

Page 48

Maximise your performance with these cutting edge preparation strategies

Page 50

Review over 45 possible behavioural based interview questions

Connect with the interviewer from the get-go and optimise all verbal/non verbal communication during all stages of the interview with essential rapport building skills.

Page 56

Identifying your interviewer’s preferred communication style

Page 57

Building rapport and achieving communication excellence

Page 58

How excellent communicators build rapport


Drive yourself to superstar status – a perfect candidate who will add significant value to the position from day one by strategically answering questions often stumbled through. Learn the rationale behind the question and how best to respond:

Page 64

Tell me about yourself

Page 68

What would your former boss say about you?

Page 68

Tell me about a weakness?

Page 70

Why should I hire you?

Page 71

Of all your employers which one did you like and why? and more

Page 75

Beware these 20 common interview traps!

Page 76

Over 50 powerful questions to choose from to ask your interviewer including how to pinpoint the organisation’s culture

Overcome obstacles that have stumped thousands of hopeful candidates. Learn how to:

Page 77

Overcome situations of limited experience

Page 78

Handle employment gaps, including unemployment

Page 79

Keep yourself in the running, even if you may seem overqualified

Page 83

Tackle extensive employment with the same company

Page 83

Address too many short term assignments

Page 84

Triumph over mature aged perceptions and concerns


Leverage your expertise to showcase your overall worth and boost your positioning during crucial salary negotiation stage by adopting key negotiation techniques. Command a salary that you are worth!

Page 86

Avoid negotiation failure and position yourself for success prior to even reaching negotiation talks

Page 87

Avoid negotiating yourself out of a job with these ‘must do’ techniques

Page 89

Tackle common negotiation pitfalls with these influential phrases

Avoid communication breakdown and optimise the reference checking process:

Page 93

Qualifying your reference

Page 96

Avoiding reference checking disaster

Maximise networking opportunities and uncover the hidden job market:

Page 97

Self-marketing strategies

Page 98

Develop a dynamic elevator marketing pitch

Page 99

Compelling content, hook and closing


How to address these difficult situations:

Page 100

Not receiving a reply

Page 101

Choosing between job offers

Page 101

Unsuccessful job offers

Page 103



Are You Ready?

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