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Ready to Build a Streamlined Income-Generating and Client-Attracting Business Structure So You Can Have More Time, Freedom and the Income You Deserve in Your Business?

  • Feel like you’re drowning in a sea of competition with no idea how to distinguish your services in a powerful, compelling and memorable way?
  • Have you dedicated countless hours to develop your website, your brochures and other communications material, however wonder why your ideal clients don’t recognise the value you offer and are not saying ‘yes’ to your offerings?
  • Burning the candle at both ends, feeling drained and exhausted with almost no energy for your clients, your family – let alone for yourself?
  • Choke at the thought of having that “pricing” conversation with a potential client however your competitors seem to enroll clients into their programs with ease?
  • Already have an existing client base but you’ve reached a point in your business where there are just not enough hours to fit everything in and this is preventing you from growing your business?

You are in the right place!

I’ve doubled my investment in the program!

I launched my introductory program and have doubled the investment I made in this program already

Prior to participating in the 6-Figure Success Blueprint Program I was working on my business all hours of the day but not getting the conversions I should have been, nor justifying the amount of time I was spending on my business. It felt kind of pointless and disheartening.

I had a real breakthrough when we did the branding with archetypes session. I realised that I had all this passion and knowledge inside my head just waiting to escape and I set to work on developing my very own training program based on the results. I also really enjoyed the session where we developed our signature systems. It was hard work but the result was something tangible I could then take to clients to further help them.

I launched my introductory program and have already made back the money I invested in Annemarie’s mentoring program. In fact, I’ve doubled it! I’m really excited to be developing something new and am confident that having my signature system in place will guide future development of my programs and offerings.

I feel like I can bring structure and order to the chaos of my business life, which involves running two completely different businesses. The knowledge I’ve gained through Annemarie’s program has been invaluable in terms of helping me put systems in place to generate more profit while doing what I love.

This program has given me confidence to progress in other areas of my business. I have since taken on some consulting work as well and that has been hugely satisfying. I am now looking forward to refining things further and applying all that I’ve learned to both of my businesses.

Cas McCullough

I offer a number of Group and Private VIP Business Coaching & Marketing Mentoring Programs to help you boost your credibility, visibility, hireability AND Profitability so you can get noticed, booked and paid what you’re worth for the amazing services you offer.

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I doubled last year’s income in 4 months

Looking back on my business I can see now that I was stuck because of fear and self doubt.

I didn’t know how to respond to ‘the price’ question when people asked me how much my services cost. And, I was afraid if I said the price in a reply email without getting into a long ‘it depends’ explanation, they wouldn’t call. My lack of confidence and feeling like I didn’t have enough expertise to warrant the rate was the reason I was not charging what I was worth.

However, after implementing the steps you teach in your webinars and programs I have so much more clarity in my ‘brand’, my target market (niche), as well as my short term and long term goals. I know exactly where and what I will be doing to help as many people in my target market as possible.

I don’t hesitate to say my rate, I no longer ‘cave’ to discounting and I only service the clients that align to my ‘heart centre’. I’m even turning down work if it does not align with who I am.

I have doubled my income already this year (in just four months) over what I made for all of last year.

Thank you Annemarie – you have helped me immensely. I have gained the confidence to believe in my rate; have now defined my niche market; and align all of my communications to that market.

Lisa Patriquin,

If you are still unsure which program would best suit your needs, shoot me through an email along with your contact details and I’ll be in touch asap!

I can’t wait to support you in achieving more passion, purpose, profits and freedom in your business!!