Four Learning Styles: Which do you prefer? [Audio Biz Tip]

Do you know what your Preferred Learning Style is? More importantly, do you know the words and phrases that resonate with each of the four learning styles so you can weave these into your Signature Talk to be more influential with your audience?

Make it Happen or Make an Excuse; the choice is yours [Audio Biz Tip]

After travelling to Outback Australia last year – my passion for photography was rekindled. Learning this new skill/art was something I’d put off for years – because I didn’t think I had the time to take on another hobby; I didn’t think I had the creative ability; you fill in the gap – I made that excuse. Until now…

PRESS RELEASE: Are Women in Business Destined to Under-Earn & Fail?

Women in business are rapidly becoming the fastest growing sector across both Australia and the United States, with the number of women-owned businesses increasing to 59%, which has outgrown the 41% growth rate among all new businesses, according to Trailblazers. However, how many of these businesses will succeed?

Building Your Online Presence: 7 inspirational post ideas

Ever find yourself starring at a blank screen with no idea what to write about? It’s frustrating and something many business owners (who are trying to build their online presence) are confronted with daily. Here are 7 inspirational post ideas to get your creative juices flowing.