Starting a podcast? Answer these questions BEFORE you hit record to get the BEST return

With a 21% increase of people listening to podcasts in 2016 (an estimated 57 million people according to Edison) coupled with growing evidence that “a podcast can drive engagement, build brand loyalty and fuel purchasing decisions”[*] – it’s no wonder that more businesses are now including a podcast in their content creation and marketing strategy.

[Ep#43] How to Shift Through Fear, Self-Doubt & Criticism [podcast]

With Ashley Olafsen

Welcome to Episode 43 of Women In Leadership PodcastIn this episode Ashley Olafsen and I speak about How to Shift Through Fear, Self-Doubt & Criticism.     

Ashley will share:

  • The importance of being brave;
  • The importance of getting started;
  • The importance of confronting self-doubt.

[FREE Training]: Networking Frustrations: 3 Reasons Why People Struggle to Secure Clients Who Pay Them What They’re Worth & What to Do Instead

As a business owner, I’m sure you’ve heard that networking is CRUCIAL to growing your business. However, when it comes to networking you’re frustrated because: Help me please!

  • You’re attending networking event after networking event but not getting any leads, opportunities or clients who pay you want you are worth – what are you doing wrong?
  • You’re collecting business cards (like you’ve been told to do), however you’re unsure of the best way to connect with them, so they get filed away at the bottom of your desk drawer – collecting dust.
  • You send a ‘great to meet you’ email to people you have met and you share a little information about your products/services – just in case they are interested, yet they never really are.

If you can relate – you’re not alone. Many people are attending network event after network event and still struggling to get clients, despite all of their efforts.

That’s why I’m running my new training: Networking Frustrations: 3 Reasons Why People Struggle to Secure Clients Who Pay Them What They’re Worth & What to Do Instead

Come to this 60-minute webinar where I’ll will teach you:

  • Why the success of your networking starts with this ONE thing. Get this wrong and you’ll continue to struggle to secure clients who pay you what you’re worth;
  • Understanding your own and other people’s ‘Networking Persona’ and three things you may be doing that will turn people off, when you meet someone for the very first time;
  • How to create a memorable and compelling introduction that will ‘wow’ your ideal client and have them wanting to know more about you and your business (AND how they can work with you);
  • Key follow up strategies to strengthen the relationship and build the ‘know, like and trust factors, key when it comes to relationship building and landing new clients who pay you what you’re worth.

[Many participants who have been to my other trainings have been delighted at the powerful, actionable strategies I’ve shared, so be ready to walk away with key steps you can implement immediately in your business.]

This call has no fluff and no hype – just great content so you have the steps and strategies that will finally enable you to generate the networking results you WANT!

Register below:

Networking Frustrations IN

[Ep #2] Purposeful Leadership Podcast: 5 Excuses You Want to Avoid

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