Personal Branding: Is your bio tarnishing your brand (reputation)?

As a Personal Branding Strategist one of the things I do is conduct Online Brand Audits to ensure entrepreneurs are on brand and consistent in their brand message. This is vital – especially if they want to build their credibility and reputation as an expert in their field. personal branding

Unfortunately though, some of the bios, Twitter handles and photos I see – make me ‘cringe’. In fact, just yesterday I saw another one AND knew I had to create this video to get the message out.

So why did I cringe? You’ll find out in the video.

Please – if you are a business owner of a service-based business and are trying to build your personal brand (i.e. your reputation) and credibility as an expert or specialist in your field – you have to be mindful of the tips and advice I share in this video.

Did you find this helpful? What changes are you going to make? Please feel free to Like, Tweet and Share this video – maybe to someone who you think could benefit from this message!

Until next time, stay inspired!
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