Stand Out, Be Heard & Influence 

Prospective Customers, Referral / JV Partners, Event Coordinators and endless other opportunities 24/7, 365 days a year with a professionally produced interview featured on the "Business in Heels Podcast" and The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network to showcase your expertise and confirm why people should do business with you. 

Business In Heels Podcast is Hosted by Annemarie Cross, The Podcasting Queen, an Award-winning Podcast Host & Producer.

If you’re an ambitious business owner who wants to grow your business while make a real difference in the lives of your clients, but you’re struggling to be heard above all of the noise - Annemarie can help.

Helping clients stand out, be heard and become an influential voice in their industry is her area of speciality.  

With over two decades in the Personal Branding and Communications industry, (specifically digital/online marketing) and expertise in Brand & Communication Strategy, along with her 9 years’ experience in podcasting – she now helps clients cut through the noise of a cluttered marketplace, while become an influential voice in their industries with a podcast.

Included in this special package is:

Phase 1 & 2: Purpose & Plan:

  • A carefully structured information gathering process to guide you in pinpointing relevant information to position you as an influential voice in your industry.  
  • Creation of structured questions that are designed to showcase your expertise and value WHILE eliminate typical objections and concerns, while educate and empower listeners around ‘they don’t know what they don’t know.’ 
  • Creation of a captivating Show Title to seize attention, interest and action and a compelling Episode Overview, incorporating SEO key words and phrases so your episode gets found online. 

Phase 3 & 4: Produce & Publish:

  • One professionally produced episode that showcases your expertise AND why people should do business with you.
  • Publication of your episode on Business In Heels Podcast iTunes Channel and on Business In Heels Podcast Channel.  
  • Publication on the Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast iTunes Channel and Network. 

Phase 5: Promote:

  • Promotion of your podcast episode across the Business In Heels social networks and Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Networks social networks. Annemarie has a personal reach of 65,000, and Business In Heels - 60,000, giving you the opportunity to amplify your reach and share your message to a combined reach of 125,000 connections, and more.
  • Creation of 3 x Quotation Graphics, which will be shared across our social media platforms, and can be shared across your own platforms. 
  • Valued Guest Expert graphic/logo that you can include on your media page. 
  • Access to the podcast show player, which you can embed into your website so people can listen to your interview from your own website.

Phase 6: Profit: 

  • A clear, concise, call-to-action at the end of the show to encourage listeners to find out more about you, access (signup) to your free Irresistible Signature Giveaway to build your list so you can begin your nurturing campaign/strategy. 
  • A checklist that shows you how you can continue to leverage your podcast interview in order to deepen engagement, and build ‘know, like and trust’ with prospective clients as part of your marketing and sales cycle.


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Note: While the inclusions, support, publicity, reach and influence this package offers could be priced at thousands of dollars (which is typically what Annemarie charges her personal clients), we've negotiated a special deal for Business In Heels Members Only for just $795 (inc. GST) for this package.  

 A two-part payment plan is available. Once your Expression of Interest has been reviewed and accepted a 50% (non-refundable) deposit at the time of placing your order and the 50% balance prior to the interview recording appointment. 

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