Change Makers: To Make a REAL Difference You MUST Get Clear on Your Mission

As a Change Maker and Disruptor, there was a moment in time, or perhaps even a sequence of moments that ignited a fire in your belly.

Can you remember what it was?

For me, I remember it clearly.

Because it still fires me up when I see, hear, or sense it happening.

It’s negativity, lies and innuendos that serves only to keep people stuck by creating fear, doubt, and confusion.

The ONLY payoff (and benefit) goes to the deliverer of the negativity, lies and innuendos.

My moment was the negativity (doom and gloom) the media portrayed in 2008 following the Global Financial Crisis.

That spark in the pit of my belly was ignited. I knew I had to do something.

And, that something was to be the voice of hope and inspiration. So people wouldn’t remain stuck in fear, doubt and confusion because of the daily deluge of job losses and the blame and shame games being portrayed.

Because I realised that while things were tough – they weren’t hopeless.

People just needed to change their approach.

And, without the RIGHT attitude, I knew there was no way people could ever change their approach.

Unless there was a sliver of hope that maybe, just maybe, it WAS possible for them.

This was why I began Career Success Radio. To share a message of hope and possibility along with key steps and strategies job seekers needed to take to bounce back. And, that’s exactly what a colleague and I did.

That was my mission.

It was clarity and focus, which guided our efforts. It was knowing we were going to make a REAL difference that gave us the courage we needed.

Because to be that voice that goes against what other people are saying, can be scary. Because speaking out can also spark criticism and judgement.

My friend as a Change Maker and Disruptor – you haven’t been called to play it safe. To play small. To just whisper.

Get totally clear on your mission; your ‘why’.

So, that in the face of adversity YOU can BE the positive change that’ll empower others to realise it’s possible – even for them.

Are you ready to BE the difference?

What to do when you don’t feel good enough

Ever looked at what other people in your industry are doing and begin to feel pangs of insecurity?

You begin to doubt your knowledge and experience. You don’t feel good enough? And, how can you possibly compete with what everyone else is doing?

We ALL have. At one time or another.

Which is the reason why it’s a topic that’s frequently discussed on all of my podcasts.

But here’s the thing.

It’s total BS.

Because we DON’T need to measure ourselves against what anyone else is doing.

What we SHOULD be doing is getting so clear on OUR gifts, OUR strengths, OUR talents, OUR characteristics, OUR message, OUR purpose, OUR calling, and bringing this to life.

Because THAT is going to speak directly to the clients you are here to serve and support.

When you do there’s a level of inner confidence (NOT arrogance) that shines through. That’s your Inner Brilliance radiating across everything you do. And, it’s the reason that’ll attract and engage YOUR ideal client.

So, as a passionate, driven Change Maker, never EVER be concerned with what anyone else is doing.

Instead, get clear on who YOU are and the incredible value YOU bring.

And focus on THAT.

Because THAT is the message and promise you bring to the world.

Now go do! AND BE! Yes?!

#BEtheDifference #ChangeMakers

My Secret Tool: Branding With Archetypes

A question I’m often asked when helping VIP clients get clear on their distinctive brand, voice and message (so they can cut through the noise and capture the attention of their ideal client) is: “How do you DO that? What’s your secret?”

While this work is something I’ve been doing for over two decades (so it’s practically a sixth sense for me) – there’s a tool I use that enables my clients to gain incredible insights and a level of self-awareness like no other tool I’ve ever used. [And I’m certified in a number of Personality, Strengths and Behaviour Profiling tools].

It’s the Branding With Archetypes tool.

Once I know a client’s Archetypes (their Primary, Influencing and Balancing/Magnifying Archetypes), I can weave together their story and more importantly WHO they are in a way they feel understood and appreciated – like never before.

“You absolutely ‘get’ me,” or “That’s ME!” is often their response.

What’s even more exciting is that once they truly understand who they are, the value they offer, and their “Inner Brilliance,” – their confidence increases exponentially.

They can finally step forward and share their message in a much more powerful way, impacting more people, and ultimately growing their business exponentially too!

Can you guess what my Archetypes are?

  • My Primary Archetype is Explorer (the Explorer’s gift is to help people awaken their individuality and foster being true to one’s soul).
  • My Influencing Archetype is Ruler (the Ruler’s gift is being able to bring order, leadership or prosperity to people).
  • And, my Balancing/Magnifying Archetypes alternates between the Nurturer and Maverick (so while the Nurturer enables me to support my clients in a caring and nurturing way [to protect their mind, body and spirit], the Maverick in me can’t stand stupid rules (they are MEANT to be broken) and limitations, and challenges the status quo, so I like to stir things up and help them break through their limitations).

So, if you’ve been following me and reading my posts – you’ll be able to see now how my Archetypes are influencing my message.

At the CORE of who I am, is the desire to help people uncover and awaken the individuality and foster truth and permission to follow their dreams.

Any wonder why I was a Career Coach in my previous role. Or, why I love helping clients uncover their unique brilliance, their calling, their purpose and be able to bring that message out into the world. It’s part of my DNA – and a gift and calling that has been strengthened in me through my life’s journey.

That’s why it saddens me when people are unable to reach their full potential. Or are unable to live the life they know they were destined for. [Even if they’re not quite sure what that is.]

That’s why I get fired up (in a nurturing kinda way) when people feel they’ve been living their life under someone else’s rules (especially career/business-wise) and never quite had the freedom to make their own choice. Or be able to live their life on their own terms.

The Nurturer in me wants to give them a BIG hug and support them through their journey, while also getting massive breakthroughs as the Maverick challenges them by saying: “You CAN do this. Stop listening to the BS in your head (or what someone else is telling you) and JUST DO IT!!!!!!”

And, guess what – you CAN!

It IS your time to share your message in a much bigger way, so you can impact more people, and finally live the life and business you’ve dreamed about for so long.

2018 is just around the corner and I’m opening up a few VIP spots to work with people closely. To understand WHO they are, their distinctive brand, voice and message, based on YOUR Archetypes and Inner Brilliance.

I wonder which Archetypes YOU are?

You ready to find out? Email me and we’ll make a time to chat!

#YourTimeIsNOW #BEtheDifference

Not getting the business results you want? Keep going!

Growing a business can be tough. Especially if you’re working hard – but still not generating the results you want. Sound familiar?

It’s something I struggled with for years. Until I tweaked ONE thing in business. [Hint: It’s the very first thing that I spoke about in a recent Facebook Live. For me, it was crucial, and once I got this right – everything changed for me and I haven’t looked back.]