Time Management Struggles: 3 things you need to know

Are you struggling with time management? Read on…

Over the weekend I met a group of passionate business women – authors of romance novels. I spent a few hours with them leading a workshop on Time Management – which was time management something that many of them had been struggling with.

Despite their passion for writing and the best of intentions being made, many of them found they did everything other than write even though they had the entire day to work on their novels. A number of them had incomplete manuscripts they just couldn’t finish; and the rest were too busy with ‘life’ and just too exhausted to write. Help!!!

As busy business owners we surely can relate to this. Maybe not with writing, but with incomplete business-building/development tasks or even clients’ work that remains unfinished day after day (or in many cases for weeks and even months).

Can you relate?

To be honest, I know I do – all too well unfortunately, especially if I don’t regularly implement three key things.

What are they?

Here are the three things I shared in my workshop that for many of the workshop attendees was a light-bulb moment. They were suddenly able to see what was really keeping them stuck from completing tasks as well as how they could get back on track with their writing.

I’m sure you’ll find them just as helpful!

Time Management Struggle No: 1. You’re suffering with the “I’m not good enough” syndrome

How many times have we said this to ourselves?

This statement (which is driven by a lack of self-belief) can stop us from even starting the project, or will have us checking our work, over and over again until it is perfect.

Yes, this is otherwise known as the perfectionist syndrome.

Problem is – it’ll probably never be perfect, because the bar we set for ourselves is just too high.

The lack of self-belief was one that many of the writers in the workshop could relate to. In fact, one woman came up to me after the workshop to share her epiphany. She realised that time management was not really the issue – she was struggling with her self-belief. And this was what was causing her to do anything and everything but write.

Another writer had been editing her manuscript for quite some time and was still only half way through the first half. It wasn’t that she was having issues with time management – she didn’t have the confidence or the belief that what she had written was good enough, and therefore she was stuck on the endless cycle of editing and re-writes.

Perfection is paralysing and will cripple your business if you let it.

Here are three things that I have found helpful in getting out of that crippling ‘perfectionist’ mode.

1. There is no such thing as failure – there is only feedback.

When something doesn’t quite have the outcome that I expected, it doesn’t mean that I have failed. It is only providing me with feedback that I should change some things and try again so that next time I can get a better outcome.

2. Go for completion – NOT perfection.

Finish the task at hand, edit it once, and then let it go. If you don’t, like the writer I described above, you’ll get stuck in the endless cycle of editing and re-writes and never get anything launched.

Go for completion!

3. You ARE good enough. Just DO IT!

Stop doubting your skills and strengths – it’ll only continue to cripple you.

How often do we look at other people and admire their work, only to feel totally inadequate with what we are doing?

Stop measuring yourself against other people and start measuring yourself against your personal best!

You ARE good enough and so is your work. Get it out there into the hands of the people you were meant to work with! Ok?!

Time Management Struggle No. 2: You’re not creating a supportive and encouraging environment

Ever tried working in an environment where you just couldn’t concentrate? Perhaps the area was just too noisy. Or you could see the unwashed breakfast dishes beckoning you, causing you to feel a little guilty or the distracting piles of paperwork (and goodness knows what else) scattered on your desk and throughout your office.

Unfortunately I can relate to all three scenarios, and if you can too – no wonder we can’t concentrate and get anything completed.

It’s not our lack of time management skills, it’s our inability to set up a work space that will enable us to concentrate and be productive.

Here are three things that I have found helpful in setting up an encouraging environment:

1. Clear the deck first so there are NO distractions

Clear away the filing; have the dishes done; put your phone on silent (or divert it); and create a relaxing space where you can concentrate and get your work done.
The world (i.e. your emails and social media connections will still be there when you get back!)

2. Choose a space and make it yours!

Do you have a space you can decorate with inspiring paraphernalia – a space where you can close a door and just sit with your own thoughts?

While many of you may find this difficult, particularly if you have young children around, one of the women (a multi-published author) commented she had written many-a-chapter of her now published books in the toilet.

Now I’m not recommending that you set up your office in the loo, however if you don’t have a dedicated office try to find a spot in your house where you can shut away the noise and hustle and bustle of the family.

3. Change location if you need to

Sometimes, despite having points 1 and 2 in place, I just can’t seem to get motivated. So I have been known to go outside and sit by the pool out in the sun. Or even at my local library or café. It works!

Time Management Struggle No. 3. You’re lacking structure and/or discipline

While many of my clients love to create an environment that allows them to be spontaneous and flexible, without structure or discipline – you’ll end up doing a myriad of other things and NOT what you intended to do in the first place.

It’s amazing how ‘just 5 minutes’ on Twitter can turn into an hour of idle chit chat. Or “I’ll just quickly respond to this comment of my Facebook wall” can turn into a group conversation that extends into an hour-long (or even longer) discussion about anything and everything other than what you were supposed to be working on.

While relationship building is important – is chit-chatting to friends and/or family (or even colleagues) about your weekend really going to get you closer to your business goal?

Be honest.

Often those so-called mini interruptions turn into longer interruptions and by the time you return to your work (or even get started) – you’ve lost your train of thought. Or you just don’t feel motivated to do anything anymore. Therefore the task you had intended to finish – is still incomplete.

Sound familiar?

Here are three things you can do to avoid disruptions:

1. Create a supportive structure which includes your prioritised to-do list and a deadline by when you are going to have this completed – and stick to it!
2. Schedule important tasks during the best time of day when you know you are at your most productive
3. Turn off all your distractions including your phone, tv, email, social media platforms and anything else that can easily distract you.

There you have it.

Important steps to get you back on track so that you can complete all of the items on your to-do list.


What about you? Do you recognise that one (or all) of these three things is what is stopping you from getting those tasks completed and off your to-do list? Which step are you going to implement to help you better manage your time and get things done? Let me know in the comment section below – it’s always great to hear from you!

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  • Really true and those three things always happen to many the majority especially in their teen stage. I agree with your 3 things you need to know but i really like the:

    Time Management Struggle No. 1 and No. 3, Those bad habits that we always have whenever we are required to do something will never be done. Once we are bind under the spell it will be hard for us to recover and the worst thing is this would affect our life and it can be pass on to our generations. Surely for others these have already happened.

    • Hi Summer, thanks for stopping by. In my experience, unfortunately too many small business owners continue to struggle with their time management. Hopefully some of the tips shared today will help them overcome some of the underlying issues, so they can finally get those tasks crossed off their to-do lists!

  • I agree with you. Personally I don’t have any word named ‘failure’ in my dictionary. When you try heart & soul and don’t don’t get the result, it’s not your fault. It’s just a simple indication that you need to develop or change some of your procedures.

    Great post. I appreciate that.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting Nolan – great to hear the word ‘failure’ doesn’t exist in your dictionary. As you mentioned – if something doesn’t go as planned, change some of your procedures and try again! A great principle to live by!!

  • Time management is the act of planning, controlling and finally executing specific activities, especially to increase efficiency or productivity. It applies to a wide usage area starting from personal time organization and up to business related management. Software tools such as a management system where a combination of processes, tools, techniques, and methods. Are used to provide you with the best results.

    • Everyone has their different behavioural work patterns and styles, so the systems and tools that work best for your style, is certainly something that will help you improve time management. That is of course if it is time management that is the issue – and not something deeper (as mentioned in the article), such as not thinking you are good enough. Thanks for stopping by! Appreciate your thoughts!

  • I’m at my best during the evening and into the night… unfortunately th erest of society seems to have a thing for getting stuff done in the day time insetad!

  • I can totally relate to this. I already know that I am guilty of the Time Management Struggle No. 3 and realized today that I’m also not creating a supportive and encouraging environment. It’s time for some changes. Thank you for sharing this post to your readers.

    • Hi Mike, late in the evening and wee hours of the morning are great for me too, however I find that this can impact how I feel in the morning and the rest of the day. Thankfully, as my own boss, if I need to take a nana nap in the middle of the day – I can. The joys of being your own boss!

    • Hi Elise, you’re so welcome – glad you enjoyed the post. Congratulations for making a change as well – you’ll begin to notice some wonderful outcomes in your business because of it too!! All the very best!