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How to Get Noticed, Booked & Paid What You’re Worth in 7 Simple Steps

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  • Feel like you’re the world’s best-kept secret? You’ve got amazing services but no-one knows about you?
  • Perhaps you’ve got a few clients that are achieving great results through working with you, yet they’re significantly underpaying you for the value you offer and you dread raising your price for fear of loosing them?
  • Or maybe you’d love to take your business to the next level and increase your income, and the only way you know how is to work longer hours. But that just isn’t an option because you’re already stretching yourself too thin. HELP??!!!

“Frustrated”, “Undervalued” and “Underpaid” Don’t Have To Be Words You Use To Describe Your Business.

Hi, I'm Annemarie Cross - I'll show you how to get more clients AND paid what you're worth.

Hi, I’m Annemarie Cross – I’ll show you how to get more clients AND paid what you’re worth

Learn my simple step-by-step systems that will enable you to instantly boost your credibility; confidently raise your fees; create multiple streams of income; work less and earn more; while break through unhelpful money beliefs, habits and actions to finally dissolve the hidden barriers to achieve your true wealth!
Are you ready to take charge of your business, your life AND your future?  I’d love to help you!

I want to teach you my must-do business building strategies that I’ve learned over the years that have helped me quadruple my income, regain my sanity, and allow me to reclaim energy and passion in my business.

If I can do it – so can you!

I doubled last year’s income in 4 months

Looking back on my business I can see now that I was stuck because of fear and self doubt.

I didn’t know how to respond to ‘the price’ question when people asked me how much my services cost. And, I was afraid if I said the price in a reply email without getting into a long ‘it depends’ explanation, they wouldn’t call.  My lack of confidence and feeling like I didn’t have enough expertise to warrant the rate was the reason I was not charging what I was worth.

However, after implementing the steps you teach in your webinars and programs I have so much more clarity in my ‘brand’, my target market (niche), as well as my short term and long term goals.  I know exactly where and what I will be doing to help as many people in my target market as possible.

I don’t hesitate to say my rate, I no longer ‘cave’ to discounting and I only service the clients that align to my ‘heart centre’. I’m even turning down work if it does not align with who I am.

I have doubled my income already this year (in just four months) over what I made for all of last year.

Thank you Annemarie – you have helped me immensely. I have gained the confidence to believe in my rate; have now defined my niche market; and align all of my communications to that market.

Lisa Patriquin,

Here’s what I’ll show you in my “Get Noticed, Booked and Paid What You’re Worth in 7 Simple Steps” Homestudy Program:

Module 1: Niching Discovery Secrets for Rapid Business Growth

Want to become known as a specialist in your field so you can stop undervaluing and undercharging for your services and finally get paid what you’re worth?Niche

Then being known as a “Jack of all trades and a Master of None” by offering a diverse range of services to anyone and everyone will certainly stop you.

With a niche market you will:

  • Maximise awareness of you and your business through having a highly targeted message that continues to speak directly to the needs of your ideal client
  • Quickly dominate your niche by being recognised as an authority in your field
  • Turn prospects into customers far more easily through having a highly targeted, relevant and irresistible communication/follow up strategy in place for your niche
  • While skyrocket your income through being paid what you’re worth as you continue to position yourself as an authority in your field.

Module 2: Branding: Build Your Authentic Personal Brand

Are you tired of having to explain what distinguishes you from your competitors to a prospect and why they should hire YOU! Are you worn out by continually having to justify your Brandprices?

You’re certainly not alone – which is why so many solopreneurs end up discounting their services or significantly undercharging for the amazing work they do.

If this is what’s happening in your business it’s likely that you haven’t taken the time to identify and define your authentic personal brand, nor are you reflecting this key message through all of your online and offline communications.

With an authentic Personal Brand you will be able to:

  • Identify and define the essence of what makes YOU unique AND marketable so you can feel totally aligned and authentic in everything that you do
  • Consistently capture that powerful message across all of your brand touch points to ‘wow’ your prospects and clients
  • Help raise your profile in the market place as he ‘go to’ person while continue to attract your ideal clients as they resonate with your brand message

Module 3: Lucrative Business Model: Profit-Building Packages & Programs

Following a business model that only has you trading dollars-for-hours is not the best approach if you want to reach a 6-Figure (or more) income. Unless you don’t mind working long, increased incomehard hours with no time to spend with your family or on other activities. Do you really want that? Of course not!

Find out the best business model approach so that you can:

  • Create residual, passive income through product development so that you can make money while you sleep
  • Stop having to justify your hourly rate to a prospect as your offerings now include packages and programs that include more than just your time
  • Boost your income by being able to take what you do from a one-to-one to a one-to-many model, while have passive income coming into your business through developing products.

Module 4: Features & Benefits: How One of These Can Practically Sell Your Services for You

Spent ages on your sales page but still not converting any of your prospects to customers?MoneyMagnet

That’s probably because what you’ve written is not incorporating key elements you MUST include if you want your sales page to work!

Learn the important differences between features and benefits so you can:

  • Quickly focus in on what’s important for your ideal client and what will deepen their desirability to work with you
  • Continue to position your services, programs and packages in an influential way to your target market
  • Include key elements in your sales collateral to convert more prospects to customers with ease

Module 5: Powerful Introductions to Make You Irresistible

Does your throat go dry when introducing your business? Can hear a jumble of words coming out of your mouth, which really does little to make a powerful and irresistible first influentialimpression?

Learn more about:

  • Common ways that solopreneurs use to introduce themselves that damages their brand and reputation and leaves a bad first impression
  • Learn our 3-step (and another bonus step) to create an introduction that ‘Wows’ your contacts and has them flocking to your door wanting to learn more about your programs
  • How to leverage your powerful introduction into an irresistible on-brand slogan

Module 6: Building Social Proof for Rapid Credibility Building

People are far more likely to invest in you if they know, like and trust you. So are you consistently building social proof to build your likeability and trust factor?forums

Build social proof by learning:

  • The simple steps of our secret Social Proof Formula to help you Build Believability, Create Credibility and Deepen Desirability to create a stream of Steady Sales
  • An easy-to-action list of activities you can use to help build your credibility as a specialist in your field
  • Our 5-Step Testimonial Gathering Template that will have you generate testimonials that will practically sell your services for you!

Module 7: Breakthrough Money Mindset for Rapid Income Growth

You can have the best systems and the best marketing plan in place, but without the right money mindset, you can still be blocking yourself from generating the income you want in yourvalue business.

Find out how and why your money beliefs will influence the results (and income) you generate in your business by reviewing our Money Mindset Impact Grid and Money Mindset Self-fulfilling Cycle.

I’ll also show you:

  • How your money mindset can negatively impact the sales conversations you have with prospect
  • Key steps to help you challenge some of the unhelpful money beliefs that are stopping you from creating the business you desire
  • One key rule that will help you start to breakthrough those bad money habits and behaviours that are keeping you stuck

I’m also going to include this incredible life- and business-changing BONUS:


1. Get Paid What You’re Worth: Practical Pricing Strategies for Solopreneurs

Audio Recording & Templates

      • Pricing Perils: 4 Key Warning Signs & Why They HappenGetPaidPPS
      • Your Money Mindset: How it Can Help OR Hinder You
      • Five Practical Pricing Strategies
      • Example: Laser Pricing & Mindset Breakthrough Coaching Session
      • Valuable: How-to Articles on Money Mindset
      • Valuable Script to answer: How Much Do You Charge


My Personal “Make You Happy” Guarantee!

It’s really important to me that this coaching program resonates for you because if your heart’s not in it, what’s the point, right?

While I’m 100% confident you’re going to love what you’re going to learn, I want you to feel at ease making this decision. So  you have my word that your order is 100% Safe, Secure, Risk Free & Fully Guaranteed! Read my Returns & Refund Policy here



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