"Podcasting With Purpose" Mini-Training  

Learn How to Stand Out, Be Heard, and INFLUENCE with a Podcast - PERFECT for health/wellness & business coaches


Included in the mini-training are two Bonus Checklists:

  • Annemarie's Podcast Production Workflow Checklist: Find out the step-by-step process and the tools she uses to produce each of her podcast episodes.
  • The No-Cost & Low-Cost Tools to Get Started: On a budget? No problem. Annemarie shares the tools she uses. Hint: One of these tools is a FREE piece of software she still uses today to record, edit and mix her award-winning shows.  

Why Podcasting?

Is podcasting the right option for you and your business - NOW? Learn the stats and success stories of service-based businesses leveraging podcasts to stand out in a noisy, disruptive marketplace.

Benefits? ROI?

How can podcasting benefit your business? Find out how you can leverage podcasting to create a stellar show so you can stand out and be heard by your ideal client.

How To's

How to start your own podcast, including key foundations and prep work you must have in place BEFORE you press record. As well as Podcasting Production Workflow and No-Cost/Low-Cost Tools Checklists.

About Annemarie Cross

Annemarie Cross is the CEO of Communicate Now Pty Ltd [trading as The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network] - an Award-Winning Podcast Production, Broadcasting & Media Company. 

Annemarie is a leading expert in leveraging podcasting technologies into innovative marketing solutions that help SME’s (in Professional Services Industries) cut through the online noise and digital clutter, so they can stand out and become known as influential voices in their respective industries.

Two of her Podcasts including the Ambitious Entreprener Show and Women In Leadership were Finalists in the Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship Category in the inaugural 2017 Australian CastAway Podcasts Awards, with the Ambititious Entrepreneur Show securing the top award. 

Annemarie hosts and produces Podcasts for her clients including Business In Heels, SMART Connect Podcast, Network Overdrive Podcast to name a few, and is in the process of launching a How-To Podcast training program for Entrepreneurs – Podcasting With Purpose: Stand Out, Be Heard & Influence. 

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