[Infographic] Are you Focused or Distracted? Let the Distraction-Buster Blueprint determine which

How Focused are YOU?

While running your own business can be extremely rewarding, it can also be exhausting. Especially when you consider the daily tasks you have to juggle.

Business development; working with clients; marketing; networking; attending to emails and phone calls; program and product development; and putting out any arising unexpected fires, etc.

Building your empire can certainly present its challenges, right?

As a busy business owner, you’ll want to become mindful of the activities and projects you get involved in. Take on too many and you can wear yourself thin, making it impossible to achieve any of your goals.

So, the next time an opportunity presents itself, before leaping in both feet first (in true entrepreneurial style), follow the steps in the Distraction-Buster Blueprint to see whether it’s a worthwhile opportunity or whether it’s a distraction.

Are you focused or distracted?

Let the Distraction-Buster Blueprint determine which…


Here’s our infographic to help you put together your Powerful Biz Goal.


Were the steps helpful for you? What were your results? Focused/Distracted? Let me know in the comment section below – it’s always great to hear from you.

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  • http://www.elinformedavid.com/ Stephan Gianni

    Thanks for your inspirational post and also thanks for your sweet and lovely photograph. You’re really beautiful.

    • http://www.annemariecross.com Annemarie Cross, Business Coach & Marketing Mentor

      Thank you Stephan, I’m glad you found the post inspiring.

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  • http://Website(optional) Jasmine Mesa

    These are good points to consider. Indeed focus is essential to succeed in the business world. I totally agree that it is inspiring too. :)

    • http://www.annemariecross.com Annemarie Cross, Business Coach & Marketing Mentor

      Thanks Jasmine – glad you found the points helpful and inspiring!

  • http://www.dev8.net Michael Jones

    You presented a great topic here which is truly applicable for almost all individuals. In order to become successful, you need to have good management skills and balance in your career.

  • http://www.dev8.net honeykhan

    Great idea, and thanks for the explanation. I must say this is working really well for me. Neat idea, simple remains the best in my book! Definitely user friendly, thanks

    • http://www.annemariecross.com Annemarie Cross, Business Coach & Marketing Mentor

      Glad you found the infographic helpful! Simple is important for me to – otherwise things can get too confusing. And, a confused person often ends up taking action on nothing!