[Ep #54] Joy & Happiness: The Keystone To Our Success

with Andrea Dix

Welcome to Episode 54 of Women In Leadership PodcastIn this episode I speak with Andrea Dix about having joy and happiness in our lives as they are both the keystone to our success.

Andrea shares:

  • The keystone for success is our fundamental belief in ourselves, our strengths and abilities
  • Discomfort is our sign we are growing and stretching into a new phase of who we are being
  • Joy and happiness is our ‘True north’

[Ep#53] Increase Your Self-Confidence for Better Negotiations & Results

with Kristen Crockett

Welcome to Episode 53 of Women In Leadership PodcastIn this episode I speak with Kristen Crockett about how to increase your self-confidence for better negotiations and results.

Kristen shares:

  • A strategy for overcoming a lack of self-confidence
  • A strategy for negotiating with confidence
  • Trust feeds the roots of leadership.

[Ep#43] How to Shift Through Fear, Self-Doubt & Criticism [podcast]

With Ashley Olafsen

Welcome to Episode 43 of Women In Leadership PodcastIn this episode Ashley Olafsen and I speak about How to Shift Through Fear, Self-Doubt & Criticism.     

Ashley will share:

  • The importance of being brave;
  • The importance of getting started;
  • The importance of confronting self-doubt.

How to Beat Procrastination – EVERY time [Audio Biz Tip]

Do you struggle with procrastination? I do – IF I let myself. In fact, a few week’s ago there were a few days where I’ve been flitting about being ‘busy’ but NOT productive. Here’s what I did to beat procrastination and get into action and completion.