[Ep #51] Five things that will keep your coaching business STUCK

with Annemarie Cross

Welcome to Episode 51 of Women In Leadership PodcastIn this episode I step up to the microphone and share five things that will keep your coaching business – STUCK!

This was an episode I recorded a little while ago, however still has relevance, especially as we begin another calendar year.

On today’s episode I speak about:

  • Doing too much and spreading yourself too thin
  • Not having an end goal in mind
  • Not prioritizing your work
  • Thriving on being ‘busy’
  • Not being able to manage distractions

Recognise any? Find out what you should be doing instead.

Starting a podcast? Answer these questions BEFORE you hit record to get the BEST return

With a 21% increase of people listening to podcasts in 2016 (an estimated 57 million people according to Edison) coupled with growing evidence that “a podcast can drive engagement, build brand loyalty and fuel purchasing decisions”[*] – it’s no wonder that more businesses are now including a podcast in their content creation and marketing strategy.

3 Steps to rocking your goals in 2014

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu

Wise words from Lao Tzu, especially when it comes to our businesses. Staircase carved into bluish ice

I’ve always loved the start of a New Year. Like the pages of a new journal that has not been written in yet. You get to start all over again – afresh.

I don’t know about you, but every year I set myself audacious goals.

In 2013 I set some pretty major goals for myself – then life happened.

My elderly mother was diagnosed with bowel and lung cancer, so the first half of the year was involved with doctor, surgeon and specialist appointments – not leaving me much time (or focus and energy) to work on my business.

With my mother being diagnosed cancer free and back on her feet again (praise the Lord), the second half of the year wasn’t without its challenges either.

I was diagnosed with severe anemia – so needed to be extra careful of my energy levels, which pretty much was zero.

Life happens. You just have to go with the flow – especially when it has to do with someone you love, or your own health.

So, this year, more than any other – I’m really excited to getting a fresh start.

How to Step Forward Courageously To Smash Through Your Glass Ceiling

As we are nearing the launch of the Smashing The Glass Ceiling Telesummit, I’ve asked my community to share one tip that has been crucial to each of them being able to build a 400x400_Join successful business.

Before I share these tips – a quick reminder about the live Telesummit Kickstart event. [Note: The Kickstart has already been! You can watch the video below for further great insights and aha’s from our business experts. We had a blast!).

Our business experts and I answered the question:

“Knowing what you know now in your business, what’s one thing you’d do differently, or implement sooner to smash through your glass ceiling – much faster?”

Now, back to the tips.

Through my own experience (and what I’ve seen time and again with other entrepreneurs) there are three common issues I’ve recognised that will often keep people stuck and unable to take their business to the next level.

Here they are – do you recognise any?

1. Trying to do everything yourself

When you’re starting out in business, while it makes sense to do as much as you can (as you don’t yet have the income to hire staff) – NOT investing in team as soon as possible can keep you stuck.

Is Competitor Comparison Syndrome Crippling Your Business?

Competitor analysis. womanfearful

We’re all told to do it – it’s Market Research 101, right?

After all, how can we distinguish ourselves from everyone else if we don’t know what they are doing!

But what happens when a harmless ‘search and analysis’ exercise turns into an unhealthy ‘comparison, stalking and spying’ frenzy?

There you are unable to stop yourself from revisiting a competitor’s website (and social media platforms), and then wishing you didn’t because it leaves you feeling inadequate, incompetent and disheartened because no matter what you do – you just can’t keep up with what they’re doing?

Can you relate? Be honest.

I believe there’s a competitive streak inside each of us.

How influential is your business card?

Does your business card make the cut?

This week I attended a networking event with 120+ women executives and business owners (my ears are still ringing from the level of noise we made with all the networking and Business Card relationship building going on).

As I connected with people I received numerous comments about how much they loved my business card.

Specifically the colour, the shape of the card, and the business name/tag line, which sums up my services and what I help people achieve – perfectly.

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while- you’d know that I’m passionate about helping women entrepreneurs create an authentic, memorable Signature Brand so they exude an influential message so they get noticed, hired and paid what they’re worth.

Credibility, visibility, hireability AND profitability is what I help client achieve, hence my business name and tag line: “Communicate Your Brand – Get noticed, hired and paid what you’re worth” being prominently displayed on the front of my business card.

Here’s a picture of my business card:

Business Card - Front

Business Card – Front

Business Card - Back

Business Card – Back

What about your business card? How influential is it?

When you hand it out – do people stop and take an extra moment to look at it? Do they comment about the uniqueness, colour, style and/or design or whatever it is that you have done to make your card stand out?

And, what about all of your other marketing/brand touch points, including brochures, website, answering machine message, pens, stationery – in fact pretty much EVERYTHING. Do they continue to send out a consistent message that represents your Signature Brand?

They should…

Because of the clarity I have around my Signature Brand (including what I stand for, my inner brilliance and expertise, my primary and influencing Brand Archetypes and the key emotions of my brand) it made it so much easier for me to communicate with my graphic design about the message I wanted my card to portray and the impact I wanted it to have when I handed it.

And, I’m sure you’ll agree this was captured beautifully in my business card.


What special elements does your business card incorporate to help you incorporate your brand message? What ‘aha’s did you have? What action step are you going to take after today’s article? Go ahead and share, it’s always great to hear from you!

Till next time, to your success and brilliance