Not getting the business results you want? Keep going!

Growing a business can be tough. Especially if you’re working hard – but still not generating the results you want. Sound familiar?

It’s something I struggled with for years. Until I tweaked ONE thing in business. [Hint: It’s the very first thing that I spoke about in a recent Facebook Live. For me, it was crucial, and once I got this right – everything changed for me and I haven’t looked back.]

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[Ep #56] How to Identify & Complete Your God-given Purpose

with Cristina Cain

Welcome to Episode 56 of Women In Leadership PodcastIn this episode I speak with Cristina Cain where she shares her insights into how we can identify and complete our God-given purpose, and why it’s so important we do, if we want to achieve supernatural outcomes in our lives and businesses.

Cristina shares:

  • Strategies for completing your God-given purpose;
  • How to develop a meaningful relationship with God (and why you MUST if you want supernatural outcomes in your life and business);
  • How to truly look at frustration and make it work for you and not against you;
  • How to do your own PR work.

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[Ep #55] Humility: The First & Most Important Characteristic of Leadership

with Kristin Zhivago

Welcome to Episode 55 of Women In Leadership PodcastIn this episode I speak with Kristin Zhivago about how humility is the first and most important characteristic of an effective leader.

Kristin shares:

  • Humility is the first and most important characteristic of an effective leader; taking full ownership for all that happens with your team is the second.
  • You can never do enough learning or preparing.
  • Act with your mind but think with your heart. At the core of every successful endeavour is the desire to help someone, to make life better for others.

[Ep #54] Joy & Happiness: The Keystone To Our Success

with Andrea Dix

Welcome to Episode 54 of Women In Leadership PodcastIn this episode I speak with Andrea Dix about having joy and happiness in our lives as they are both the keystone to our success.

Andrea shares:

  • The keystone for success is our fundamental belief in ourselves, our strengths and abilities
  • Discomfort is our sign we are growing and stretching into a new phase of who we are being
  • Joy and happiness is our ‘True north’

[Ep#53] Increase Your Self-Confidence for Better Negotiations & Results

with Kristen Crockett

Welcome to Episode 53 of Women In Leadership PodcastIn this episode I speak with Kristen Crockett about how to increase your self-confidence for better negotiations and results.

Kristen shares:

  • A strategy for overcoming a lack of self-confidence
  • A strategy for negotiating with confidence
  • Trust feeds the roots of leadership.

[Ep #52] How to Raise Capital for Your Startup Business

with Ludwina Dautovic

Welcome to Episode 52 of Women In Leadership PodcastIn this episode I speak with Ludwina Dautovic about how to raise capital for your Tech Startup Business.

Ludwina shares:

  • Be kind to people. Leave a trail of kindness behind you;
  • Surround yourself with the best team of advisors you can get and listen to their advice;
  • Be a leader who inspires those you are leading.