Ask The Expert #3: Going into business with your spouse

Thinking of starting a business with your spouse? Before you do, you’ll want to take note of today’s topic.

On the #AskTheExpert session today, I interview Karen Southall Watts about what we should be mindful of BEFORE we go into business with our spouse.

Here’s what we should find out first:


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  • What a great topic, Annemarie! Karen brings up some great points!

    My husband and I started our business together right out of college and we’re celebrating our 15th year in business next month! We’ve worked in an office (and for the last 6-1/2 years, have worked from home!) and have had to adjust to our different “timing” for when we like to work … but you’re right, the biggest issue is always money! From getting him to give me his billing summaries so I can send out the invoices, to the frustrations when clients are slow paying their bills, it would be easy sometimes to just chuck it and go and get a “real” (*smile*) job… but there are so many benefits to being self-employed … and working together (when it works, it really WORKS!!) … that I can’t really imagine doing anything else!


    • Thanks for sharing Bridget – that’s wonderful to know! Yes, there can be differences and challenges, however once you understand each others communication preferences and traits and can work around them – everything, as you say, just clicks!!

  • Julio

    It´s not enough to share our Facebook profile? 🙂 
    We prefer to keep our professional activities or business, separately. The most important is to preserve and protect our valuable relationship. Our Home is our relax space like an oasis, free of any kind of business troubles. I prefer a “consigliere” than a partner!

    • Hi Julio, many of the small businesses that were participating in this interview were homebased businesses. I think a great idea is to have a dedicated office where you do all of your business communications, keeping the rest of your home for personal stuff.

      Thanks for sharing your tips with us here on how you keep your business and personal relationship separate.