[Ep#19] Resilience: Never give up – there is always a way [podcast]

With Mary Jensen

Welcome to Episode 19 of Women In Leadership Podcast. In this episode Mary Jensen and I discuss resilience and why it’s important to never give up, as there is always a way!

EP#19- WIL Show Header

Mary will share:

  • Resilience – never give up there is always a way
  • People are people and need to be heard, even if you think your idea is the best,
  • Change is inevitable, you can fight it all you want like swimming up a waterfall.


[Ep#18] Getting Out Of Your Stuck Zone [podcast]

Debbie Small

Welcome to Episode 18 of Women In Leadership PodcastIn this episode Debbie Small and I discuss how we can get out of our stuck zone.

EP18 - WIL Show Header

Debbie will share:

  • Why your own Self-Talk is so important
  • You will make mistakes but the trick is to learn from it and Keep Moving Forward
  • Know your ‘WHY’ = Your WHY is your vision, the reason you are doing what you do.


[Ep#17] The First Thing We Must Change as Leaders [podcast]

With Katy Anquetil

Welcome to Episode 17 of Women In Leadership PodcastIn this episode Katy Anquetil and I discuss the first thing we must change as leaders to help build a strong and top-performing team.

EP17- WIL Show Header

Katy will share:

  • Why we must first change ourselves and what that means for us as leaders;
  • The importance of being present especially when it comes to staff engagement;
  • How to stay motivated especially in the face of obstacles.


[Ep#16] Building Strong Leaders in Your Direct Sales Business [podcast]

With Tracey Hall

Welcome to Episode 16 of Women In Leadership PodcastIn this episode Tracey Hall and I discuss how to build strong leaders in your Direct Sales business.

EP16 - WIL Show Header

Tracey will share:

  • Key leadership strategies to take your business from strength to strength
  • The most important thing you should be doing as a business leader
  • What you should NOT do when things get really hard


[Ep#15] Where there is life, there is hope – ALWAYS! [podcast]

Vickie Janson

Welcome to Episode 15 of Women In Leadership PodcastIn this episode Vickie Janson and I discuss when you’re facing a struggle or challenge, where there is life, there is hope – always!

Ep15- WIL Show Header

Vickie will share:

  • Where there’s life there’s hope and hope is a very powerful force.
  • As you invest in others you discover and develop your own skills.
  • Remember where you’ve come from, and that it’s not so much about what you do, as who you become on life’s journey.


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  • You send a ‘great to meet you’ email to people you have met and you share a little information about your products/services – just in case they are interested, yet they never really are.

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[Ep#14] How To Be More Productive & Profitable by Getting Shit Done! [podcast]

With Lorraine Pirihi

Welcome to Episode 14 of Women In Leadership Podcast. In this episode Lorraine Pirihi and I discuss how you can be more productive and profitable by getting shit done!

EP#14 Show Header

Lorraine will share:

  • How this ONE activity will reveal how much money you’re leaving on the table
  • Why getting back to basics with your schedule is key
  • Why standing firm with your boundaries is imperative


[Ep#13] Why You Need to Keep Asking For What You Would Like [podcast]

With Natalie Goldman

Welcome to Episode 13 of Women In Leadership PodcastIn this episode Natalie Goldman and I discuss why you need to keep asking for what you would like if you want to grow as a leader.

Ep13- WIL Show Header

Natalie will share:

  • Why you need to keep asking for what you would like
  • Stay human
  • Network, network, network…your network is your networth.


[Ep#12] How to Gain Confidence & Clarify Your Value [podcast]

With Carol Sankar

Welcome to Episode 12 of Women In Leadership PodcastIn this episode Carol Sankar and I discuss how to gain confidence and clarify your value.

EP12 WIL Show Header

Carol will share:

  • How to gain the confidence and clarity to learn your value
  • How to create visibility
  • The importance of aligning yourself with the right opportunities for consistent growth.


[Ep#11] Be Intentional About Being Curious to Grow as a Leader [podcast]

With Kendra Kinnison

Welcome to Episode 11 of Women In Leadership Podcast. In this episode Kendra Kinnison and I discuss the importance of being Intentional about being curious so you can continue to grow as a leader.


Kendra will share:

  • Why it’s important to be intentional about remaining curious and continuing to grow. When the busyness of life takes over, it’s easy to stagnate.
  • Becoming a teacher, sharing everything you know with those around you. Your teammates will be stronger, and you’ll always have a natural push to keep learning.
  • Face the hard things. As a leader, sometimes success is just showing up the next day.